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Eight Podcasts We Like

There’s no podcast this week, but we know you need your fix. How about trying one of these eight other podcasts we like?


Two non-believers read through the Bible and the Apocrypha and try to make sense of it all without being jerks about it. Hosts Benito Cereno and Chris Sims make sure that each episode is full of delightful humor and insightful observation. Recent highlights include their discussions of the apocryphal Acts of John and the Book of Revelation, and also a Halloween Special where they discuss Chick tracts.

The Constant

Mark Chrisler;s The Constant is “the history of getting things wrong” and demonstrates that human history isn’t some glorious march of progress; more like blind stumbling about in the dark. Favorite episodes include the true story of Wrong-Way Corrigan, the amazing journey of Elmer McCurdy, and that weird time when we were putting radium in everything.

Death in the Afternoon

The Order of the Good Death (who you may know better from Caitlin Doughty’s “Ask a Mortician” series on YouTube) offers this podcast about “all things mortal.” For my money, you can’t beat their discussion of the long history of using discussion of corpses for entertainment purposes.

The Dollop

Each week Dave Anthony reads a story from American history to his friend Gareth Reynolds, who has no idea what he’s getting into beforehand. Gareth’s reactions and their improvised riffing do a lot to make some truly terrible history palatable. Recent highlights include the story of spy and traitor Chris “The Falcon” Boyce, the history of Lyndon LaRouche, and an epic takedown of Rob Rhinehart and Soylent.

Nice Try!

In the first season of Nice Try! host Avery Trufelman (99% Invisible) discusses six instances where people tried to create a real-world utopia… and the six different ways they failed. Our favorite episode is the strange saga of Biosphere 2.

The Omnibus Project

Host Ken Jennings (Jeopardy!) and John Roderick (The Long Winters) discuss strange and ephemeral stories from our modern era, presented as a”time capsule” for the civilizations that will inherit the earth after we’re long gone. Sure, they may banter to the point where it becomes a running joke about how long it gets to the topic, but they always bring the goods. Fun favorites include the history of the tortilla chip and a discussion of the monkey selfie lawsuit.

Spectacular Failures

NPR host Lauren Ober discusses some of the most spectacular business failures in history, showing how breaking all the rules works… until it doesn’t. Season one highlights include the collapse of Lincoln Savings & Loan and how Donald Trump managed to lose money running a casino.

House to Astonish

Okay, this isn’t like the other podcasts on our list, but if you like superhero comics you should definitely give it a listen. Hosts Al Kennedy and Paul O’Brien discuss what’s going on in the comics industry, review current comics, and make fun of some of Marvel’s long-buried lowlights.


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