The Ancient and Esoteric Order of the Jackalope

"Legendary Lands & Beasts"

Cryptids, cryptids, cryptids! (And occasionally legendary lands too!)

statue of Set

Tales from the Cryptid

on the trail of the Typhonian beast

We know all the coolest Ancient Egypgian gods have animal heads, but ask yourself: what kind of animal is Set?

a colorized postcard of the Silver Lake sea serpent

His Royal Snakeship

or perhaps just one of his country cousins

In 1855 the town of Perry, New York was terrorized by a "sea serpent" in nearby Silver Lake. It was a hoax... but whose hoax was it?

strange tracks in the snow


there's an animal roaming round the town that is certainly gaining great renown

For one week in January 1909, the Jersey Devil walked among us. Maybe.


The Jackalope

lopegigrus lepusalopus ineptus

Douglas Herrick invented the jackalope in 1932 by "enhancing" a mounted rabbit with a set of deer antlers. It's a nice story, but is it true?