The Ancient and Esoteric Order of the Jackalope

The Ancient and Esoteric Order of the Jackalope

"Sports & Leisure"

Most of our pop culture revolves around sports and leisure, and why should this podcast be any different?

Connie Mack Stadium

The Graveyard of Baseball

October 1, 1970 was a day that would live in infamy

It was supposed to be a celebration of sixty years of baseball... and instead, well, Philadelphia fans did what Philadelphia fans do best.

Ed Delahanty baseball card

Triple Jumper

the mysterious death of baseball superstar Ed Delahanty (1867-1903)

On July 2, 1903 Washington Senators outfielder Ed Delahanty walked out of the team's hotel in Detroit and disappeared.

Odds & Ends

Grandiose But Straightforward

give me all the gold and experience points you have

From the world of Dungeons & Dragons, A silly story that only gets sillier as people keep adding to it.

my beloved rhombic triacontahedron

The Die of Tomorrow, Today

a love poem to the greatest die you'll ever own (and never use)

In 1982 a Baltimore hobby store gave the world a bold new innovation in dice... One that hardly anyone would use. Let's sing the praises of the mighty d30!

political cartoon about Nap Lajoie

French Leave

a baseball superstar, an irate owner, and a clever workaround

In 1902 baseball player Nap Lajoie was prohibited by law from entering the state of Pennsylvania. How did this weird state of affairs come to pass?

Herb Washington Rookie Card

Herb Washington

We've shared this on social media but not on the web site. Here it is... the first (and so far only) thing we've ever purchased off eBay.

Newsy Lalonde, Frank Patrick, and Cyclone Taylor

Rising to the Top

the Renfrew Creamery Kings catch Stanley Cup fever

In 1910, professional hockey was in chaos and a millionaire tried to buy his way to the Stanley Cup with a team of ringers. This is their story

Herbert Lee Washington

Hurricane Coming Through

the astonishing career of Herbert Lee Washington, baseball's only designated runner

In 1974, Herbert Lee Washington was the world's fastest human... but could he turn raw speed into a professional baseball career? The astonishing story of baseball's "designated runner!"

Johnny Dickshot

The Ugliest Man in Baseball

big, rugged, and in his way, beautiful

He may have had the best worst nickname in baseball, but "Ugly" Johnny Dickshot was more than just a pretty face. He was also a character.