The Ancient and Esoteric Order of the Jackalope


Bonus material to enhance your listening experience – everything from photographs taken on research field trips to documents that didn’t quite fit into an episode’s story structure.

Antony Van Corlear

Brimful of Wrath and Cabbage

a double dram of true Dutch courage

A satirical (and entirely fictional) account of the fall of Fort Christina from early America's greatest humorist, Washington Irving.

historical marker for New Sweden in Essington Twp., PA

Governor Printz Park

On a cold early March morning, #13 and #23 took a field trip to the former site of Fort Gothenberg, which is now a public park.

the plato celestial

Food of the Gods

we make Acquanetta's "plato celestial"

While researching Acquanetta, I stumbled across one of the Venezuelan Volcano's own recipes, a veritable feast for the gods.

the pickled melon cocktail

The Pickled Melon

For those of you wondering about the horrid concoction I was drinking in our last episode... wonder no more.

a large pile of pressed pennies

Pennies from Heaven

In honor of our latest episode, #7 has graciously decided to share some photos of the best pressed pennies in her collection!

John S. Duss conductor's hat

Old Economy Village

We showed you a cemetery and some rocks at the Harmony Society's first home. So how about a few photos of their final home at Old Economy Village?

Rapp's Seat signage

Rapp’s Seat

A visit to Rapp's Seat, the throne from which George Rapp used to supervise the activity of the Harmony Society commune in Harmony, PA.

Harmonist Cemetery historic marker

Harmonist Cemetery

I thought you might like to see some pictures of the Harmonist Cemetery which inspired our most recent episode.

gravestone of Charles Vernon Gridley

Lakeside Cemetery

Continuing our tour of Gridley-related sites, how about some photos from our recent trip to visit his grave in Lakeside Cemetery, Erie, PA?