The Ancient and Esoteric Order of the Jackalope

"Wild Card"

Sometimes the best category is no category at all.

The Best Exotic Marigold Gospel

for one messiah, this is just the beginning of an exotic adventure

Where did Jesus get his ideas? Some people think he learned them in India. And some of those people have even ginned up fake evidence for that theory...

illustration of Project Habakkuk

Wonder Marvelously

you will not believe, though it be told to you

Everyone always talks about Nazi super-weapons, but nobody talks about Allied super-weapons. So how about a British aircraft carrier made out of ice?

the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

Lost Legacy

the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Doom

It is the embodiment of all evil? Can it kill with a thought? Can it unlock the secrets of the universe? Whatever it can do, it's the Skull of Doom!

a colorized postcard of the Silver Lake sea serpent

His Royal Snakeship

or perhaps just one of his country cousins

In 1855 the town of Perry, New York was terrorized by a "sea serpent" in nearby Silver Lake. It was a hoax... but whose hoax was it?

strange tracks in the snow


there's an animal roaming round the town that is certainly gaining great renown

For one week in January 1909, the Jersey Devil walked among us. Maybe.

Original Billy Watson and His Famous Beef-Trust Beauties in Krausmeyer's Alley

The Spirit of Capitalism Made Flesh

if you like 'em big, well, they don't get any bigger than this

A fun night out at the theater featuring ethnic jokes, slapstick violence, a sappy moral, three tons of feminine pulchritude, and a dead cat.

a large pile of pressed pennies

Pennies from Heaven

In honor of our latest episode, #7 has graciously decided to share some photos of the best pressed pennies in her collection!

a small pile of pressed pennies

Pressing Matters

the only souvenir option that makes cents

It's the only souvenir option that makes cents - or rather, is made from cents. A brief history of the pressed penny, squished penny, or elongated coin!

saguaro cactus

A Menace to the West

David Grundman goes shooting at a stationary target -- and breaks off more than he can handle

When a man fights a cactus, you probably don't expect the cactus to win.