The Ancient and Esoteric Order of the Jackalope

"1893 Chicago World’s Fair and Columbian Exposition"

The construction “The White City” on the shores of Lake Michigan was a huge event that announced America’s arrival on the world stage. It’s hardly surprising it’s touched quite a few of our stories.

The Republic statue from the 1893 Chicago World's Fair

The White City

an interview with Michael Finney of the Chicago 1893 Project

We're talking with Michael Finney about the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, what it meant to the city and the nation, and resurrecting it augmented reality.

a portrait of James Buchanan Brady

He Could Eat It All

the glitter, glamor, and gluttony of Diamond Jim Brady (1856-1917)

In an age of excess, he was the most excessive one of all. This week, we look back at the life of legendary salesman and gourmand Diamond Jim Brady.

political cartoon showing John Alexander Dowie being run out of Chicago

Marching to Shibboleth

a sordid story of faith healing, financial fraud, flat Eartherism, and figs

Forty miles north of Chicago lies Zion, IL, a sleepy city with a sordid history of faith healing, financial fraud, flat Eartherism... and figs?

a small pile of pressed pennies

Pressing Matters

the only souvenir option that makes cents

It's the only souvenir option that makes cents - or rather, is made from cents. A brief history of the pressed penny, squished penny, or elongated coin!

a graphic illustration of the cellular cosmogony

We Live Inside

greetings from the inside of the Hollow Earth

Dr. Cyrus Reed Teed may have been a madman, or the Messiah, but only he was bold enough to tell the truth: that we live on the inside of a hollow Earth.