The Ancient and Esoteric Order of the Jackalope

"Series 3"

Series 3 of the Ancient and Esoteric Order of the Jackalope podcast ran from February 24 to May 4, 2020 and featured episodes from #7, #8 and #13 on such diverse topics as the mother sauces; the craziest season in the history of professional hockey; candy bars raining from the sky; the most notorious con woman in spiritualism; and the most dangerous home business ever.

Ann O'Delia Diss Debar

Spirit Princess

one woman, thirty aliases, forty years and too many crimes to count

The greatest and most notorious Spiritualist swindler of all time was a woman from Kentucky who looked a bit like Lola Montez (if you squinted).

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Newsy Lalonde, Frank Patrick, and Cyclone Taylor

Rising to the Top

the Renfrew Creamery Kings catch Stanley Cup fever

In 1910, professional hockey was in chaos and a millionaire tried to buy his way to the Stanley Cup with a team of ringers.

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