The Ancient and Esoteric Order of the Jackalope

I Was A Teenage Eight Things We Like

Okay, so due to scheduling issues we’re actually not taking all that much of a break… but here are eight things we like anyway!

Awful Archaeology

You’ve probably seen Miniminuteman over on TikTok, debunking whatever pseudo-archeological factoid is currently circulating on that platform. But what you should really be checking out is Awful Archaeology, the bitter and informative long-form video essays he posts on YouTube. (Of special interest to listeners might be his video on the Grave Creek Stone.)


We are not theme park people, but we can appreciate their obsessive devotion. Kevin Perjurer’s Defunctland, about no-longer-extant rides at Disneyland and elsewhere, is always worth a watch, whether he’s talking about the Ferris Wheel, the 1964 New York Worlds’ Fair, or just exploring the many, many failures of Disney’s Fast Pass system.

Hello from the Magic Tavern

Several years ago podcaster Arnie Niekamp fell through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King in Chicago and wound up in the fantastical land of Foon. With his sidekicks, Chunt the talking badger and Usidore the wizard, Arnie hosts a weekly radio show exploring this strange and magical world and asking the tough questions, like how many buttholes are too many.

Monstrous Agonies

From the studios of the Nightfolk Network comes Monstrous Agonies, the late-night radio show where host H.R. Owens serves as an agony aunt for Britain’s creature community. She helps them navigate their eerily familar problems with tact and grace, which serves as a friendly reminder that we’re all just a bit more alike than we care to admit.

The Political History of the United States

Allen Ayers Political History of the United States delves into the events that shaped our nation, but which you may not have heard about in history class. These days it’s creeping ever so slowly towards the American Revolution, by way of Queen Anne’s War and the War of Jenkins’ Ear. Recent standouts include an episode about the 1741 New York slave conspiracy, and a two-parter about everyone’s favorite founding father, Benjamin Franklin.

Well, There’s Your Problem

I’m not going to say that Well, There’s Your Problem is perfect or anything; episodes are frequently too long and the tone is unapologetically “dirtbag left.” Once the hosts actually get around to talking about engineering and design failures, though, it’s hard to stop listening. Their takedowns of The Las Vegas Loop and the UCSB Housing Cube are legendary, but if you want to get a short idea of what they’re all about try their April Fool’s episode on the Erfurt Latrine Disaster.

The Customers who Repeatedly Buy Doomed Products

Do you ever wonder who is buying Watermelon Oreos and Cheetos Lip Balm? Market researchers sure do, because it turns out these people are predisposed to like products that are bound to fail.

That’s Not Canon Productions

That’s Not Canon is a podcast network that enables independent creators to tell interesting, funny, innovative, and sometimes uniquely personal stories. Notable productions include An Assemblage of Grandiose and Bombastic Grandiloquents, Art Slice, Castology, The Mistholme Museum… and starting today, The Ancient and Esoteric Order of the Jackalope!

New Content from Old Favorites

The Tim Traveler has been churning out great episodes on subjects as varied as the intricacies of the border between France and Spain, rocket trains, abandoned Grand Prix tracks, and the epic match between Europe’s smallest and worst football teams.

The Constant takes a look at the strange history of petrified men.

Mass for Shut-Ins tells us all about the cantaloupe that changed the world.

Eater asks, “Is the future of food the future we want?”

Pontifacts spends three episodes examining the riddle of Pope Joan.


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