The Ancient and Esoteric Order of the Jackalope

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Newsy Lalonde, Frank Patrick, and Cyclone Taylor

Rising to the Top

the Renfrew Creamery Kings catch Stanley Cup fever

In 1910, professional hockey was in chaos and a millionaire tried to buy his way to the Stanley Cup with a team of ringers. This is their story

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Our Newer Logo

Okay, we realize that we just re-did our logo between series 1 and series 2, but we weren't happy with how the series 2 logo turned out.

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Bride of Eight Podcasts We Like

We don't have a new episode this week, but here are eight other podcasts you might like to listen to!

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Old Economy Village

We showed you a cemetery and some rocks at the Harmony Society's first home. So how about a few photos of their final home at Old Economy Village?

Old Economy historical marker

That No Man Take Thy Crown

the rise and fall of the Harmony Society (1803-1905), the richest communists in the world [Part 2]

The Harmony Society managed to survive the death of its founder, but could it survive the twin ravages of time and greed?

Rapp's Seat signage

Rapp’s Seat

A visit to Rapp's Seat, the throne from which George Rapp used to supervise the activity of the Harmony Society commune in Harmony, PA.

Harmonist Cemetery historic marker

Harmonist Cemetery

I thought you might like to see some pictures of the Harmonist Cemetery which inspired our most recent episode.

Harmonist Cemetery gate

Hold Fast What Thou Hast

the rise and fall of the Harmony Society (1803-1905), the richest communists in the world [Part 1]

An unusual cemetery leads us to the story of the Harmony Society (1803-1905), the richest communists in the world, and the saga of their rise and fall.

Herbert Lee Washington

Hurricane Coming Through

the astonishing career of Herbert Lee Washington, baseball's only designated runner

In 1974, Herbert Lee Washington was the world's fastest human... but could he turn raw speed into a professional baseball career? The astonishing story of baseball's "designated runner!"